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April In Edom Art & Wine Festival

Experience Art & Wine 27th & 28th 10am-6pm

April in Edom Performers


Circus Freaks


"Just who do you Freaks think you are?"
The Circus Freaks are a Dallas-based performing ensemble that creates unusual acts of theater and other forms of professional-grade whimsy.
Using a variety of traditional circus skills, European theatrical clown, live music, and touch of improvisational mayhem we create a unique approach to live entertainment.
When the Circus Freaks appear you’ll see highly-interactive “roving” characters, human-powered spectacles, and amazing stage performances.

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Jenni Mansfield Pearl Saturday at 3pm

  Jenni Mansfield Peal was named "North Texas' Best Folk Songwriter" among four by CBS-DFW Blog in Oct. 2010. JMP is a songwriter and singer, guitarist, accordionist, and mountain dulcimist. Her performances includes two tours of Northern Ireland, main stage at the Kerrville Folk Festival, numerous original productions and ensembles, and four independent albums. The Mr. Peppermint Show featured Jenni's songs on multiple episodes that were syndicated world-wide for years, and her most recent recording is for children and families: Putting On the Old Folk's Clothes. Jenni won Dallas' B.W. Stevenson Songwriting Contest in 1990. "Original" is her newest ensemble, with jazz bass player Mark Wilson and award-winning fiddler Linda Relph. Come see her along with other performers on one of our live music stages at the April in Edom Art & Wine Experience.

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Sharon Walker Saturday & Sunday at 1pm

 Singer/Songwriter Sharon Walker comes back onto the musical landscape with a sound born from her background in classic country and 70’s folk.  Influenced early by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Sara Mclaughlin, she has studied the music of the great lyricist, picked and strummed with memorable troubadours, and has been comfortable sitting on the outside fringe of the music industry... until now. Newly recorded work brings her to the East Texas stage with an eclectic blend of song and verse. Interludes with the audience and other musicians becomes part of the charm of the new sound.  Pleased to be sharing the stage with many talented artists, she brings in a history of music from the Midwest through the Rockies and finally back into her family roots in East Texas. 

She is one of many amazing performers we have playing our festival in downtown Edom on one of our many live music stages. 

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Other performers inlcude

Steve Fuqua, Tami Hix, Stan Johnson, Michael Morse, Dennis & Leslie Redman, Mike Freiley, and Robil Willis Duo.

April in Edom Art & Wine Experience is  Saturday, April 27th & Sunday, April 28th from 10 am - 6 pm.  This year's festival has an array of performers on a number of live music stages.

Saturday's Sundown Concert

Blue Louie